10 Movies That Every Girl Must Watch

Chick flicks may have a reputation of being cliché and predictable, but no one can accuse them of not being fun.

Guys hate them but we girls love them! The best way to DE-stress & relax is to watch a chic flick and think about nothing. They are best for a fun movie night and sleepover with your girlfriends! Plus with the  trendy fashion and cuter guys…What’s not to love?
So, if you are looking for some good fun with your gang of girls !  Here a list of “10 Movies Every Girl Can Relate To” –

1. Queen :




Girl who belongs to a traditional family in Delhi sets out on a solo honeymoon after getting ditched by her lover. The after life makes her realize that there is much more she needs to do in life.

2. Confessions of a Shopaholic :

Confessions of a Shopaholic


This movie  has absolutely everything you would want in a chick-flick. It’s all about shopping, paying bills, finding romance, girlfriends. It is all a must must watch for all shopaholics ladies out there.





 This movie is one of The best Fashion Films in Bollywood with its plot covering the highs and lows of a supermodel’s life.

4. 13 Going on 30:

13 Going on 30


Who doesn’t love a good time-traveling romantic comedy, especially one with a big “Thriller” dance showstopper?

5. Mean Girls:


Mean Girls


Comedy with complex understanding of teenage personalities and the forces that motivate them. Mean girls is a modern classic! I just love it.

6. Chak de india:

Chak de india


Chak De! India is the typical, every-single-sports-movie story of a disgraced player. For some Indian girl power and for a look at the difficulties of being a sportsperson in India, this is the movie you want to watch.

7. John tucker must die:

John tucker must die


Three friends take on the challenge of strategically destroying a young man’s life after they find out that he is dating all three of them, at the same time. If you’ve ever been in same situation this movie should top your list.

8 . Never been Kissed :

Never been Kissed


Presenting themes of love, passion, bullying, and trust in a feel-good way, it’ll be easy for your besties to fall for this film.

9. Pretty Woman :


Pretty Woman


It is about  a prostitute who spends the night with a man who is a billionaire, but still treat her with more respect to make her realize she deserves better. At the end she ends up falling in love.

10. Ps I love you :  

Ps I love you


Pegged as the “Best Love Story of All Time” by more than a million people. It is an example of the chick flick at its most grisly sentimental. You can never get over this one.
So now you all have a perfect stack of the awesome movies to help you smile and cry your way through the perfect girls’ night in.  Go and watch em ol !



Naina Dwivedi
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