10 Reasons Every Woman Needs To Travel Solo

Most people, especially women, are afraid to take a solo trip. Solo travel could be a great way for women to break free the dependency and strengthen communication skills. While traveling alone, one has to take care of everything, right from the tickets to the luggage and of oneself too. You might think traveling solo isn’t for you. Maybe it sounds lonely, scary, or mean to take time just for yourself. It’s not.
Here are 10 reasons why women need to travel solo :

1.Free Bird :

Free Bird


 When you travel alone you’re free to go where you want and do what you want. You’re the only one you’re responsible for and that’s what freedom feels like.

2.Sense of Responsibility :

Sense of Responsibility


Women while traveling often rely on their better half, male friends, brothers or father. But on a solo trip, you will learn being responsible for everything, right from your trip planning to taking care of your belongings.

3.Boosts Confidence:

Boosts Confidence


Traveling solo will make you realize how capable you truly are, you’ll learn to make decisions for yourself, and to do things for your own pleasure and on your own terms.

4.Overcome your Fears :

Overcome your Fears


It could be great learning experience for you to overcome with the fears you ever had.

5.Meet new people :

Meet new people


Interacting with different kinds of folks, making new  friends can be a great experience, you are less likely to make connections outside your existing friendships.

6.Do whatever you want to :

Do whatever you want to


 When you’re traveling alone, you don’t have to worry if your partner will be bored by the things you want to do.

7.Know Yourself Better :

Know Yourself Better


 Be it a heartbreak, loss of a dear one or work stress, when you go for a trip and spend time with none, but yourself, you will learn to deal with your problems better.

8.Learn new Culture :

Learn new Culture


 You can eat stuff you’ve never heard of and learn how to live more simply than you have ever imagined.

9.Spend some me time :

Spend some me time


Away from the family, friends, love with all the problems of life. A solo trip could be the thing you have always desired for.

10.Come out of your comfort zone :

Come out of your comfort zone


Pushing yourself beyond the limits of your comfort zone is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
The fun of traveling, for some travel freaks is doubled when the trip is a solo one. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, go for it !



Naina Dwivedi
I am a vainpot from Gurgaon who tries to live life by CoCo Chanel's philosophy of fixing myself before leaving the house. I started with a blog on beauty secrets for women but now my passion for blogging has become my obsession. I have always believed in doing what i love to do and give my best in everything.