10 signs that you are a Gym rat

Obsessed with Gymming

Do you count calories of everything you eat ? Do you diligently work out and stare at every inch of your body as it undergoes a transformation ? Believe it or not, you are addicted to gymming. Some people walk into a gym, do their workout, and leave. But there are those who make gym their second home.
I know I’m addicted to fitness, and after reading these I hope you are too :

1. Walking into a gym makes you happy :

Walking into a gym makes you happy


The best part of your day starts when you go for gymming.

2. Not exercising ruins your day :

Not exercising ruins your day 


Nothing makes you sad more than missing a day’s workout out.

3. You exercise even if you are sick :

You exercise even if you are sick


People who are addicted to exercise will push themselves to work out when they are sick.

4. You love buying Fitness Gizmos & gadgets:

You love buying Fitness Gizmos  gadgets


Watches ,shoes, workout clothes, gloves and much much more. Let’s just say if it’s new you own it.

5. Gym playlist is all you’ve got :

Gym playlist is all you ve got


Whether it’s spinning, running, weight training, kick boxing, but if you are a gym rat your phone must be full of a bunch of peppy playlists.

6. Exercising is your priority :

Exercising is your priority


You often take off time from class or work and skip social events in order to exercise.

7. Love Gym Selfies :

Love Gym Selfies


Taking gym selfies become part of your daily routine.

8. Workout alerts for every day:

Workout alerts for every day


You set your alarms to remind you what gym day it is!

9. Calorie free healthy diet:

Calorie free healthy diet


You promise yourself you will eat healthy and lose those extra kilos, no matter what!

10. Favorite topic to talk about is Gym:

Favorite topic to talk about is Gym


You can talk for hours about your new workout regime or new diet. You’ve probably said “I have lost so much weight” at least once.
Anyways, i love being titled as a “Gym Rat”. Do You ? Share your views with us !



Naina Dwivedi
I am a vainpot from Gurgaon who tries to live life by CoCo Chanel's philosophy of fixing myself before leaving the house. I started with a blog on beauty secrets for women but now my passion for blogging has become my obsession. I have always believed in doing what i love to do and give my best in everything.