11 Things Guys Secretly Love

Wish to know little secrets men keep but never confessed ? Whether a guy is in a committed relationship or has started to date, there are small things that they expect their partners to do for them without saying.
Here are 12 things that guys wish girls knew better:

1. Call them twice a day :

Call them twice a day


They pretend they don’t but they love it when you call them over and over to know where are they? how are they doing?

2. Praise & appreciation is what they crave for :

Praise &appreciation is what they crave for


Why should men be doing all the praising stuff ? Guys appreciate it when they’re being praised for small things they do.

3. Physical intimacy :

Physical intimacy


Men need frequent non-sexual touch as well as a sense of physical connection.

4. Listen to him :

Listen to him


Guys admire it when women listens to them raptly, it tells them that they are really the boss.

5. Guys hurt more :

Guys hurt more


If a guy’s experiencing a heartbreak, it hurts him a lot more than you think. They don’t cry in front of you but are broken from within.

6. Text him first :

Text him first


Not always but they really love it when they receive a text from you first. Sometimes he may not know if he’s being too fast or texting too much.

7. Introduce to you friends :

Introduce to you friends


Your friends know him will help kill the sense of insecurity from his mind. So, going out together could be a good idea.

8. Don’t talk about their feelings :

Don’t talk about their feelings


Some men are not very expressive in a relationship. Just because they don’t initiate heart to heart conversations doesn’t mean they don’t like discussing about it.

9. Hate asking for help :

Hate asking for help


So, if he’s in trouble you can help him out by your own. As they avoid taking any help until they feel they can’t do it by themselves.

10. Don’t say it  but they love you :

Don’t say it  but they love you


Guys love their girlfriends even if they don’t say it often. Guys aren’t always vocal about feelings.

11. Guys are very competitive :

Guys are very competitive


Be it in sports, office assignment or bed they suffer from performance anxiety every time they have to accept defeat.
And now you know it girls…11 things your guy is secretly hiding from you. So, make sure you don’t let him down & play your cards well !



Naina Dwivedi
I am a vainpot from Gurgaon who tries to live life by CoCo Chanel's philosophy of fixing myself before leaving the house. I started with a blog on beauty secrets for women but now my passion for blogging has become my obsession. I have always believed in doing what i love to do and give my best in everything.