11 Things To DO When You Start Your New Job

Starting afresh with a new role, a different work culture is an exciting and a new  phase in your life  but it is the time when you will face many new challenges.  It’s simple, and understandable, just to do as you’re directed and not much more, but believe me—taking a few extra steps will not only help you transition quicker but also grow faster.
Read on for 11 things you should when you start a new job:

1.Set a meeting with your boss:

Set a meeting with your boss


Talk to your boss about the company, the people, his expectations and goals in advance. So, that you can be mentally prepared to achieve them.

2.Observe and listen :

Observe and listen


Obviously, you know it all. But, since you’re new to the company just try and figure out how things work there.

3.Know Things around you :

Know Things around you


Look all over the office find out the printer and the fax machine.  Look for supplies, canteen and good things, like the restroom.

4.Befriend with at least one colleague :

Befriend with at least one colleague


Try to make friends with at least one colleague on day one.

5.Put your cell phone on silent :

Put your cell phone on silent


It could be a turn off if you are mentally not present at day one of your work.

6.Be yourself :

Be yourself


Project yourself as who you are. Try building good relationships with people at work.

7.Introduce yourself :

Introduce yourself


Ask your manager to walk you around you in the office. Get around, spark a conversation and reintroduce yourself or ask your new colleagues to remind you of their names and roles.

8.Try to be Professional :

Try to be Professional


Work culture differs in every organization so try to know how things work at new workplace.

9.Be Curious :

Be Curious


Learn what everyone does. Show some interest in companies achievements, goals, history this will help you in long term.

10.Pay attention to your Body Language :

Pay attention to your Body Language


The way you talk, the way you talk speaks a lot about you. So, be a little cautious as others may not perceive you in a wrong way.

11.Enjoy Yourself : 

Enjoy Yourself


Enjoy these initial months as when you’re learning something completely new every day the world becomes your rollercoaster.
Keeps these points in mind so that your new journey becomes an ending experience for you. Because if you don’t do it now, chances are you won’t ever be able to do it again!



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