12 Perks Of Being A Woman Who Doesn’t Spend Much On Beauty Products

No makeup, still gorgeous !

An intense black smoky eye, a perfect, cat eye liner and a bright  red lip stain with a light stroke of blush on the apple of your cheekbones can certainly do wonders and turn heads.”Makeup can make us look flawless but some women like it simple and  simplicity is the best makeup.”
Here are 12 perks of being a woman who doesn’t spend on beauty products :

1.Are Low maintenance :

Are Low maintenance


Men enjoy greater intimacy with someone who doesn’t have to worry about the way they look all the time.

2.Have a clean Wardrobe :


Have a clean Wardrobe


No makeup smudges or stains on their favorite dresses.

3.Save loads of money :


Save loads of money


What is the point of buying makeup when you can be spending that money on something else?

4.Acne & Allergies don’t scare them :


Acne & Allergies don’t scare them


Most types of makeup are highly allergenic and contain many harmful ingredients that shouldn’t be put on skin.

5.Wearing no makeup saves time:

Wearing no makeup saves time


There are some women who spend an hour every morning on their beauty routine whereas others make best use of time.

6. Getting ready is not a task:

Getting ready is not a task


Whether it’s a  party or any family occasion they just need 5 minutes to get ready.

7.Queen Of Home remedies :

Queen Of Home remedies


You can get the best beauty tips from such women. They are always ready with their Dadi ma ke nuskhe.

8.Travelling is easy :

Travelling is easy


They needn’t make a list of what products to carry? how to pack? Few clothes would do.

9.Salon is not their second home :

Salon is not their second home


 Home treatments are better than salon treatments. Sitting in a salon for hours is not their thing.

10. Eat, Sleep & Relax :

Eat, Sleep & Relax

After a long day’s work they needn’t spend precious minutes taking off globs of makeup.

11.Confident about themselves:

Confident about themselves 


 A woman who is confident in her own skin is much more pretty than any women who wears all the makeup in the world.

12.Happy partner’s:


Happy partner’s


Guys don’t really appreciate woman wearing too much makeup or buying too many beauty products.
Just be confident with your looks as beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder !



Naina Dwivedi
I am a vainpot from Gurgaon who tries to live life by CoCo Chanel's philosophy of fixing myself before leaving the house. I started with a blog on beauty secrets for women but now my passion for blogging has become my obsession. I have always believed in doing what i love to do and give my best in everything.