12 signs You’re Having A quarter Life Crisis

Are you freaked out about turning 25 ? Have you reached an age when you realize that you’ve lived at least 25 percent of your life?  While most of your friends are getting hitched, making babies here you are, totally lost about where your life is heading towards. This is a phase that everyone goes through once in his lifetime. So, don’t panic !
Scroll down for 12 signs you might be suffering from a Quarter life crisis :

1.You can’t ask your mom to buy a new dress :

You can t ask your mom to buy a new dress


Well, my personal opinion is that anyone over 18 shouldn’t really be asking for money from their parents, so if you’ve got to this age and still are, just stop !

2.Nap time is the best time :

Nap time is the best time


The whole world is getting married and all you want to do is sleep with your blanket on.

3.Regret about the career you chose :

Regret about the career you chose


You often dream of going back to time and change the choices you’ve made.

4.Confused about things :

Confused about things

You constantly find yourself asking the question, “What next?”

5.Motivation has gone out of the picture :

Motivation has gone out of the picture


You aren’t motivated to do much of anything anymore. You need someone to motivate you every time.

6.Expectations are so dead :

Expectations are so dead 1


You feel like your twenties aren’t turning the way you have expected or imagined they would be.

7.Avoiding Conversations :

Avoiding Conversations


Discussions with your family like what are you doing next with your life?, pisses you off.

8.Marriage word seems scary to you :

Marriage word seems scary to you


Your Facebook is full of pictures of friends getting married. You are not even thinking of it for the next two years.

9.You are obsessed with Aging :

You are obsessed with Aging


You now find yourself analyzing your face throughout the day in the mirror, the lines around your mouth and between your eyebrows.

10.Losing friends due to different career :

Losing friends due to different career


You used to think that your high school friends or college friends would be a part of your life forever. But reality is, you haven’t spoken or heard from them for years.

11.Life isn’t exciting anymore :

Life isnt exciting anymore


You thought life was boring when you were  16. You used to hate going to school and pretending like you’re paying attention. But now you have a feeling that school days were the best days and your life sucks now.

12. Expenses are more than income :

Expenses are more than income


Your monthly routine of expenses are greater than your income. You can’t stop cribbing about your low salary with family and friends.
“Don’t worry guys No matter how hopeless you feel, just remember you aren’t alone and you will figure it out soon. Always remember life is what you make of it.”



Naina Dwivedi
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