12 type of people you will meet in a multiplex

There are different types of people and they do have different choice, taste and hobbies. When such people go to a multiplex a different variety is observed. So, lets talk about 13 type of people you usually meet in a multiplex.

1.The Mavericks

The Mavericks1


Doing odd things. GOING up on the down escalator. And doing all the things that others don’t.

2 :Sophisticated ones :

Sophisticated ones


They usually works all the time and used to sit in the cafe checking mails while having a coffee.

3 :Fukrey:



Yaathat’s the word . guys setting the eyes on each and every corner and sometimes it turns ugly. Screw them.

4.Family guy:

Family guy


Taking care of the small baby and picking up the stuff for his wife whlle his wife is busy choosing things and he spends hours doing only this.. ohh the poor guy!!!!

5.Charlie chaplin:

Charlie chaplin



h5>THE one who is always dressed to make themselves stand out from the crowd

6. opportunity seeker

opportunity seeker


Usually the ones waiting in the book store or places where he could try his luck with someone special

7 :Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet


There are many of them. Roams around hand in hand. You can see them coming out of the theatres cafe everywhere

8. Bacche:



Playing around . They are the one who enjoys the most. Chocaltes pizza ice creams toys movie everthing they like

9. the waiters, workers watchmen

the waiters workers watchmen


They do their work wiyhout noticing anything. Its the usual thin for them .the places whete others hang out is the plae where they work.

11 Street shoppers :

Street shoppers


the one visiting all stores checking out the prices but never buy one

12 The one who just comes to eat .

The one who just comes to eat


french friesburgerss pizza rollsthat’ss it .he just come to see if the last burger he ate is different from the one he is eating right now.

13 Brand chaap log;

Brand chaap log


the one taking pictures all the time.



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