13 Beautiful Reasons To Be With Someone Who Reads

Fall in love with books and they'll fall for you

Fall in love with a person who loves to read. One who wants to spend all the money on books instead of gadgets, shoes, makeup,clothes. Who has problems with closet space because he/she has too many books. Someone who has a list of books which are yet to be read , who has a library card since he/she was 12.
Here are some reasons that a person who reads could be the best one you can find :

1.Understand your lies:

Understand your lies


One who understands your syntax will definitely understand your need to lie.

2. Tend to be wise:

Tend to be wise


They often start a witty conversation which is more imperative than you may believe, and falling in love with a reader will enhance not just the conversation, but the level of it.

3.Looks aren’t important:

Looks aren’t important


Someone who loves to read will not fall for your good looks but will fall for your need to understand the world and for it to be logical and fair.

4.Easy to Please:

Easy to Please


You needn’t dress up in Gucci or prada for him/her to fall in love with you. A book store could be the best place to impress and spend quality time.

5.Romance lies within:

Romance lies within


You’ll never feel the need to teach them how to make love. They have already learnt enough from their books.

6.Great money saviours:

Great money saviours


A discussion over a coffee about their favorite book could be the best date for them. Going to parties, movies ,shopping could be a bad idea.

7.Book is the best gift of love:

Book is the best gift of love


You needn’t buy an expensive watch, wallet or a dress for them on their birthday’s. A first copy of their favourite novel will make them much happy than anything else would do.

8.Too many principals:

Too many principals


They could be very good life partners. They always teach lessons of moral values, customs, courage and everything that has great a meaning in this world.

9.Committed in relationship:

Committed in relationship


Such people make some kind of public declaration of their intent which demonstrates their commitment.

10.Well cultured:

Well cultured


Books bring new life, experiences and culture on to their readers.

11.No space for insecurity:

No space for insecurity


Books are their best friends so you will never have the feeling of being insecure. The only person they’ll hangout is with you and books.

12.Less Needy:

Less Needy


Person who read relish in alone time, give you both the space you need to sustain a healthy relationship.

13.Intelligence is a turn on:

Intelligence is a turn on


They have overwhelming amount of knowledge that you can receive to quench your never ending curiosity of about just everything.
You will be surprised by your interest in their words, their stories and not just their mouth. So, find someone who loves to read and your life could be a never ending experience.



Naina Dwivedi
I am a vainpot from Gurgaon who tries to live life by CoCo Chanel's philosophy of fixing myself before leaving the house. I started with a blog on beauty secrets for women but now my passion for blogging has become my obsession. I have always believed in doing what i love to do and give my best in everything.