13 Things That Make Every Late-Night Person Happy

Why sleep early when

Sleeping late has acquired a bad reputation.While there has been a lot of praise for being a lark, while the night owls can have it rough — but luckily, it’s not that bad ! There are many perks of being a Nighthawk:
Here are few things that make these Nighthawk’s happy:

1.Late night shopping:

Late night shopping     


 The first thing they notice in the morning is their myntra app full of stuff they don’t remember adding.

2.Midnight cravings:


Midnight cravings  


Batman delivers is their favourite destination to meet their midnight cravings.




Their torrent downloader is full of movies which are yet to be watched. Night time is the best time for them to watch a movie.

4.Gossips on Whatsapp:

Gossips on Whatsapp


Chit chats with friends goes all night long. Waking up in the middle of night and checking their whatsapp messages is a thing they’ll never stop doing.

5.Thinking cap start working after 12:00 am:

Thinking cap start working after  am


The  creative and free thinking work for them starts after the clock strikes 12.


6.Most active on Facebook & twitter :

Most active on Facebook & twitter 


Checking everyone’s facebook updates is their favourite timepass.

7.Sneaking out with friends:

Sneaking out with friends


While their parents are asleep they often plan to sneak out and explore the city.

8.Fridge full of Chocolates:


Fridge full of Chocolates  


 Habit of opening fridge in every  30 minutes describes them well. They always have chocolates in their fridge as  a backup for their midnight hunger.

9.Taking weird selfies: 


Taking weird selfies  


Making pouty faces and taking selfies is a thing they often  do when no one’s watching.

10.Googling weird stuff :

Googling weird stuff  


Curiosity makes us do funny things. “How to make my cat love me” top’s the list of weirdest stuff that people have ever Googled.

11.Watching favourite Tv shows:


Watching favourite Tv shows


The Tv belongs to them when everyone’s asleep. So, they needn’t fight over Tv remote!

12.Ready with excuses:


Ready with excuses


They have an entire list of excuses as why they’re late to work.

13.Rocking Love life:

Rocking Love life


They  may have less long-term relationships than those morning folks, but when it comes to lovemaking, night people score more.
Are you a night person? If yes, please leave a comment in below box to let us know why sleeping late makes you happy.



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