13 Things That Your Boyfriend Is Keeping A Secret From You

There are somethings that  many  men prefer to keep under wraps. But it’s not that they’re hiding anything big about themselves, they’re  just omitting little details that may cause trouble or hurt their partner feelings. If you start noticing a weird kind of behaviour which is making you paranoid. Just sit back and watch him.
Here are 13 things that you’ll never get to hear from your boyfriend’s mouth :

1.Love to be pampered :

Love to be pampered


They often act tough but secretly your man is Googling about that jar of body scrub you recently bought from bodyshop.

2.Are biggest babies when they’re sick:

Are biggest babies when they re sick


 Take care of them and baby them when they’re sick. They’ll appreciate it, and would love to do something amazing in return.

3.Compliments are not only for women:

Compliments are not only for women


Guys love compliments as much as girls do, but gentlemen hardly ever get any or, at least, they get compliments a lot rarer than ladies do. So, next time you meet him compliment him.

4.There are only 24 hrs in a day:

There are only 24 hrs in a day


8 hours of sleep, 10 hours at work, 2 hours to commute, 90 min at gym, 90 min eating/washing/cooking up leaves only 1 hour each day for me time. So, Girlfriends should keep their expectations reasonable.

5.Sometimes they’re just not in a mood:

Sometimes they re just not in a mood


At times they’re tired, or stressed. So, if his performance is occasionally off, this might be to blame.

6.Like Being the boyfriend:

Like Being the boyfriend


Girlfriends usually  think that guys are players-at-heart who love their single life and only settle down because society tells them to. For the most part guys love being in love just as much as girls do.

7.Often worry of being getting dumped:

Often worry of being getting dumped


Guys spend more time worrying that their girlfriend will dump them than they would ever spend thinking about the latter. So relax and stop fixating on how or when your relationship will end.

8.Like but not love their friends:

Like but not love their friends


Guys don’t want you ditching them to be with one of their buddies but they also don’t want you to work overtime trying to win their friends over.

9.Take interest in their sport and they’ll love you more:

Take interest in their sport and they ll love you more


Watching cricket or soccer together could be so fun much! Guys like to their girls to make popcorns and share beer over a win.

10.Hate romance if you’re making his life miserable:

Hate romance if youre making his life miserable


 Don’t start a fight over not picking your call or running late to meet you up. So, if you want to cuddle up with him avoid doing this.

11.Memories from their past relationship:

Memories from their past relationship


They’ll never share a memory from their past relationship with you as it will make you feel jealous and insulted.

12.Crazy things they did in an all boys vacation:

Crazy things they did in an all boys vacation


It’s a boy-boy thing that’s why they don’t like to share it with you as it may freak you out.

13.Never disclose the Amount of money they have saved:

Never disclose the Amount of money they have saved

 I am short of cash..Money crunch baby….Most common dialogues men used to say to their girlfriends. They don’t discuss their secret piggy bank with you unless they think that they’ll be committed to you for the rest of their lives.
Men don’t reveal all to their partners, it’s not always about a lack of trust or love. It’s just that they  believe that  something are better left unsaid !



Naina Dwivedi
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