14 Things You Take For Granted But Badly Miss Once They’re Gone

Life provide us many things and teaches us many lessons. And the experience comes with time. But many time we don’t care about the time and moments. We miss it badly once it is gone.

1. Your childhood

Your childhood3


When we are child, we always want to grow old. But as the time passes, we miss it badly because we don’t get time for yourself.

2. Ghar ka khana

Ghar ka khana


We always want to have fast food and don’t care about homemade food. But no one can give competition to this homemade food.

3. School life

School life


Most of the memories are made their. Daily wake up early and get ready to spend a routine following day. But you miss this routine.

4. Money



When you have lots of money you spend it like you are the most Richie rich person on this earth but when you have empty pocket then you realize its value.

5. Parent’s scolding and concern

Parent s scolding and concern


You always run from these two and always wish that they start considering you as a mature child but when you are away from your parents you miss it.

6. School friends

School friends


If he is not harami then he is not your best friend. And you find most of them in your school time.

7. Your ex love story

Your ex love story


You love and hate them in same ratio. But you miss some memories you spend with his/ her.

8. Plan with your friends

Plan with your friends


You ditch them in most of their plan because of your moods or some work. But you miss it very badly when they are gone.

9. Your country if you are shifted abroad

shifted abroad


When we are in India, we want to travel outside of the country. But when we are outside, we miss our motherland.

1o. Meeting point of you and your friends in your childhood

Meeting point of you and your friends in your childhood


Many silly, stupid and crazy discussion are discussed there. And many plans are made there.

11. Grandparents’ house

Grandparents house


They always give us red carpet treatment. And we are apple of their eye. And once we grew old, we start missing their love and concern.

12. Age and freedom in 18

Age and freedom in 18


Life at 18 is rocking and awesome but when we are 28, we realise its value the most.

13. College life and bunks

College life and bunks


Except some bluestockings, everyone has bunked classes in college. College life is very different and it never come back again.

14. Teachers taunt and scolding

Teachers taunt and scolding


The teachers we hate and love most become an important part of our description when we narrate our stories to someone.



Darshika Rana
I love content writing and expressing my thoughts in articles. I love reading novels. I am doing B.Tech from biotechnology branch. I love to listen others problem and helping them. My weakness is that I don't care about my meal untill and unless I finish my work. My philosophy of life is MISTAKES INCREASE EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIENCE BRINGS SUCCESS.