Organised person means memory card of everything. They love to have a perfect life and perfect means perfect. They don’t have any law for their life But keep everything well organised. This makes life easy and comfortable. So, lets discuss about these people.

1. They THINK before they act.

They THINK before they act


They think out what they are going to do, how they will accomplish it and when they are going to do it.

2. Make a List

Make a List


They have lists that they keep track of everything that they plan on doing for every job they are going to get finished and how they will do it

3. Keep a Calendar

keep a calender2


In a prominent place in their home is a calendar so they don’t forget appointments; meetings etc. and have a view of where and when anyone in the home will be on any given day.

4. Pick your Priority Jobs

Pick your Priority Jobs


The jobs that are the most important get tackled first, this helps to relieve the stress and the less important jobs are a breeze to go through.

5. Get Rid of Clutter

Get Rid of Clutter


This can be junk lying around the house, too many things listed on your schedule of places to be or too many things to remember and fill up the old brain.

6. Take a Break

Take a Break


Organized people do not have to schedule ‘fun times’ in their lives. They seem to be able to take the day off from home drudgery and enjoy themselves.

7. Make life Simple

Make life Simple


Get rid of all of the excess things that control your life and go back to the simple part of life. Too many meetings; get rid of some. Too many chores; look for faster and easier ways of getting the job done.

8. Create a Routine that becomes a Habit

Create a Routine that becomes a Habit


The hint is to make it one that can be modified. Most of us have daily routines but get confused when something seems to upset that routine. If you are organized, a routine is nothing more than a guide and can be changed when need be.

9.Keep everything in neat section.

Keep everything in neat section.


Everything is well organised which gives a good impression on observer.

10. Wake up early

Wake up early


Yes they follow nursery poem early to bed early to rise, makes a men healthy, wealthy and wise.

11. Don’t miss their breakfast.

Dont miss their breakfast


beginning of day with a healthy food makes their day much better. So, all of you start doing it.

12. Have confidence on themself

Have confidence on themself


If you are perfect , then its obvious to be confident.

13. Physically and mentally fit

Physically and mentally fit


Have a good combo pack of brain and beauty.

14. Don’t keep pending work.

Dont keep pending work


Complete their work on time, so there is no word pending in their dictionary.

15. Believe in hard work.

Believe in hard work


Without hard work nothing grows only weeds. So there reason of success is hard work.

16. Fun in limit.

Fun in limit


They don’t love to be an party animal. Enjoy things but in organised way.



Darshika Rana
I love content writing and expressing my thoughts in articles. I love reading novels. I am doing B.Tech from biotechnology branch. I love to listen others problem and helping them. My weakness is that I don't care about my meal untill and unless I finish my work. My philosophy of life is MISTAKES INCREASE EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIENCE BRINGS SUCCESS.