18 Reason Why 28 is the most Difficult year of your life

A young adult,stage of human development, is generally a person in the age range of 20 to 40. But age of 28 brings more responsibilities. For some people, its a nightmare. There are some reasons which prove that 28 is the most difficult year of your life.

1. Pressure of marriage

Pressure of marriage 2


It is said in our society that before 28 or entering in 30, you should get marry.

2. You want to be well placed in your job.

You want to be well placed in your job


Getting job, and a good post also at this age matters alot.

3. value of savings

value of savings


Now you can’t spend money wherever you want, your saving matters alot.

4. wardrobe is full of formals

wardrobe is full of formals


You can’t go in t-shirt and jeans. Formals are necessary and your wardrobe is full of this.

5. no more trips with friends

no more trips with friends


now you can’t enjoy road trips with your friends because of new responsibilities.

6. commitment in relationship

commitment in relationship3


This stage needs big decision. You can’t enjoy and take for granted your relationship. It should be yes or no.

7. Fear of entering 30 ‘S

Fear of entering 30 2


Now you will be no more young and no one will consider you young.

8. Everyone will judge you on your position

Everyone will judge you on your position


No brand will matter now you are wearing, not your vehicle. Thing which matter is your position in you company and your package.

9. full of compromises

full of compromises


Now for a single thing you have to think many many time and it will be not easy.

10. No time for friends or friendship

No time for friends or friendship


Your old friends are also in same situation as you are in. No time for making new friends also.

11. Fun less profession more

Fun less profession more


Masti time is once in a year or may not be. But professional life is your new life.

12. Responsible zone

Responsible zone


You are in new zone that is of responsibility. You can’t carry casual attitude any more.

13. Grown up person for everyone.

Grown up person for everyone


Now you are not a child anymore. Everyone treat you like a mature person. You have to accept this truth.

14. Do for others not for yourself

Do for others not for yourself


At this stage you start doing things for others, always keep yourself as a 2nd option.

15. Busy schedule

Busy schedule


Now you’re not free. You have to adjust yourself according to the situation. You will get less time for yourself.

16. No Job will be a shameful thing.

No Job will be a shameful thing


At 28 , if you find yourself nowhere than, you have to listen many and this will be her awkward for you.

17. Start hating your job

Start hating your job


You will feel bored at your place, if job is not of your choice.

18. Time for physical fitness

Time for physical fitness


Its up to you what to show world, a fit body or a cute fat tummy. Better you choose fit one. But time doesn’t permit you. Concentrate on you health too.



Darshika Rana
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