7 Harsh Truths Of Life You Realize When You Grow Up

There are many ways in which your life changes. Sometimes, these changes happen slowly. Like a sapling growing. You don’t pay much attention to these changes. Along with these changes you realise some harsh truths of life when you grow up.

1. Life isn’t fair

Life isnt fair


Sometimes u get what u don’t deserve. Life is full of surprises. You have to face many non plus situation.

2. Have to work hard.

Have to work hard


You can’t just be born sachin Tendulkar, you have to work your ass off to get there.

3. face many trouble.

face many trouble


Sometime you are in troubled water and want some medicament for your problems.

4. Different people exist in this world.

Different people exist in this world


Not everyone will be in your favour throughout your life. Some people will scoff at you and some will be there for you always.

5. Good things sometimes takes time to come.

Good things sometimes takes time to come


You have to wait and have to learn the chapter of patience. Because good things come late in your life, but remember one thing…… Good things come in your life. Just do hard work and wait.

6. Joy is incomplete without sorrow

Joy is incomplete without sorrow


Life is a series of high and low. It has two faces. Without one facing one side, you don’t get the momentous enjoyment of other side.

7. Journey of thousand miles begin with a single step.

Journey of thousand miles begin with a single step


The irony behind this thought is that you cant sit and wait for the result. You are the one who have take a plunge to decide what you wanna do and how.



Darshika Rana
I love content writing and expressing my thoughts in articles. I love reading novels. I am doing B.Tech from biotechnology branch. I love to listen others problem and helping them. My weakness is that I don't care about my meal untill and unless I finish my work. My philosophy of life is MISTAKES INCREASE EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIENCE BRINGS SUCCESS.