7 things that happen when you are high

Who doesn’t Like to be High. Of course everyone likes to be happy. until, you get too high. Covering up your high is a piece of cake. But when you’re a little too high, that’s a different story.

Here are the 15 things that happen to us when we are too high

#1 Food, Food and some more Food!!!!

When you are high you eat way too much than you really eat and that of course ruins your diet.

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#2 Bed is all you want

Sometimes you think to be productive but then you see a heavenly thing

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#3 And When you get up all you look is for weed and food

either food or weed but if you get both it’s like you hit a jackpot

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#4 Movies or Songs

All you watch is stoner movies and listen to Stoner songs….

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#5 You don’t give a fuck

you are so much relaxed and carefree that you don’t give a fuck about world

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#6 All you talk is shit

when you talk you always talk shit even you can’t understand

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#7 And last Finding something entertaining is piece of cake

Everything is funny for you, So funny that you can’t stop laughing even if you want to stop laughing

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