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Here and there when words come up short, doodles come to play. What’s more, what is superior to pen to paper? While words can without much of a stretch slide even before they leave an enduring effect on you, these will hit you hard.

This amazing Bangalore designer, Mounica Tata, who is affectionately known as “doodledrama” on Instagram is drawing her direction intensive our lives. These comics are madly relatable.

Try not to believe me, observe.

1. It’s costs a lot to be girl!

2. Story of our lives!

Sigh. . . . #summers #struggle #water #sml #truestory #comics

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3. Because there is so much I want to say and I do say it all!

4. I want to catch up but I also want to sit and do nothing.

#socialanxiety #realstruggles

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5. Yes, hand me all that beer!

6. Every damn Friday!

7. Take my money and hand me that burgundy-maroon-pinkinsh-Kareena red lipstick now!

8. It’s all in the mind, you know!

9. Some lessons on SWAG, anyone?

10. The mirror tells us a different story altogether!

11. Is there something called an invisible bra?

12. Relatable much?

My demons. #freelancerlife #demons #everydaystruggle

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13. Errr…sorry. Innocent mistake!

14. Just a glimpse of my sad little life.

15. What’s up with you vagina?

16. Sounds about right!

FRIES 😍😍😍 #fries🍟 #weekendvibes #friyay #comics #howto

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17. That’s the best exercise in the world!

18. That’s just irritating!

People. Ugh. #phonecalls #peoplebelike #realshit #littleannoyingthings #comics

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19. Take that golden advice, ladies!

20. What the FFFF did you just call me?

Discovered your stories in these comics? I know I did!

Was your day exhausting? Stress not. We convey you five short movies to return that grin all over your face. We’re certain that these movies will make you roar with laughter.

1.The Guest

The Guest includes new faces. You shouldn’t be stressing over that by any stretch of the imagination. What makes a difference is the way this charming little film abandons you agape at last. After watching the short film, you’d begin pondering around two things – one is the completion; and the other is the area in which this film has been shot.

2.The Virgins

What do you do when you hear the word – Virgin? Do you grin? Or, do you turn away? The Virgins featuring Pia Bajpai, Divyendu Sharma, and Akshay Oberoi is a story about how desires play a part in our lives. The soon-to-marries, Divyendu Sharma and Pia Bajpai, attempt to grapple with their to-be accomplices’ desires in an inept way.

3.Mama’s Boys

Mom’s Boys is a fearsome interpretation of the Mahabharata. It highlights Akshay Oberoi, Arunoday Singh, Amol Parashar, Vivaan Shah, and Jim Sarbh as the Pandavas, and Aditi Rao Hydari as the Draupadi in this version of the YouTube epic. Here, additionally, Arjun is advised to ‘share his better half’ with his siblings. How would you imagine that will be? Watch the film to discover.


Hair style is not just a film for the lower white collar class; it’s a film for all. This short film goes about as an impression of the general public. It has two sides to it: disaster and comic drama. Thus, as it were, you can call this film a tragicomedy. In spite of the fact that some Hindi film performing artists show up, they don’t make any additional clamor. And, after its all said and done, Haircut is a charming little ride.

5.Oye Teri

Genuine sweethearts, Shivani Tanksale and Sumeet Vyas, star in this romcom. To make an association between the title and the film, you have to watch its completion. Oye Teri gets to the primary point in under ten minutes. As you sow, so should you procure, my friend!

Three years prior, adoration thumped on my entryway. It accompanied a name. Tyler Knott Gregson.

He came like the quick, stormy breeze. Ruling out uncertainty or dread to slither back in.

I read my first historically speaking adoration lyric by this man and remaining stunned. Staring at the PC screen for some time after, until the point that the words were obscured by tears.

I didn’t promptly get up. I sat there established, taking in a breath of relief. Since I knew, I just knew I had discovered a man who comprehended and felt love like I did. Furthermore, what a ponder it was to have discovered him.

Over the Internet, every one of these years, my adoration and regard for Tyler has sprouted. I delay all that I do when I see another post with torn, old paper and words written on it. I favor him each time those words top off what is broken, making it entire, yet again.

This a tribute to a spirit who knows just the delight of giving. Whose heart has touched mine in more courses than I can ever number. Is this a romantic tale at that point? Possibly. Who knows?

In any case, today, I need you to remove 15 minutes from your super bustling life and favor me by perusing his words.

I need you to feel love: genuine, genuine, unadulterated, searing, quiet, stormy, frosty and divine.

These 21 cherish sonnets are from his latest posts. What’s more, they will either make you feel at home or topple your reality by demonstrating to you what Love truly feels like



“It is both of us that will keep each other safe. We save each other.”



“From small country roads to all these big city streets, I will hold your hand.”



“I know days will come when we feel so far apart. But we’ll come through them.”




“The late night reaching, the slower moonlit kissing, the pitch black holding.”




“I’ll try all I know to soothe the sadness away. You will find your joy.”




“The rhythm of breath and all of your simple stirring. I don’t wish to sleep.”




“I know I was lost and I know I was drifting; you have brought me home.”




Who doesn’t Like to be High. Of course everyone likes to be happy. until, you get too high. Covering up your high is a piece of cake. But when you’re a little too high, that’s a different story.

Here are the 15 things that happen to us when we are too high

#1 Food, Food and some more Food!!!!

When you are high you eat way too much than you really eat and that of course ruins your diet.

Photo Courtesy : Twitter

#2 Bed is all you want

Sometimes you think to be productive but then you see a heavenly thing

Image Courtesy:

#3 And When you get up all you look is for weed and food

either food or weed but if you get both it’s like you hit a jackpot

Image Cortesy:

#4 Movies or Songs

All you watch is stoner movies and listen to Stoner songs….

Image Courtesy:

#5 You don’t give a fuck

you are so much relaxed and carefree that you don’t give a fuck about world

Image Courtesy: Tumbler

#6 All you talk is shit

when you talk you always talk shit even you can’t understand

Image Courtesy: Pintrest

#7 And last Finding something entertaining is piece of cake

Everything is funny for you, So funny that you can’t stop laughing even if you want to stop laughing

Image Courtesy:

    Ekta Kapoor’s creation house now has a digital wing, ALT Balaji and their substance appears to be super encouraging. They have begun sharing the trailers of some of their up and coming web appears. Dev DD happens to be one of them. It follows the life of Devika Dharam Dwivedi, a rebel Jaipur young lady who lives on her on terms and gives zero fucks about what individuals think. It’s simply after a grievousness that she begins wavering and moves toward becoming Devdas-ish.

    Think you’ve seen it all? Think again.

    Love. Lust. Betrayal.

    There are tons of different types of texters that we have to deal with on a daily basis. From the emoji abusers to the sexters to the paragraph writers there are so many annoying texters we all know.

    video Courtesy: youtwoTV

    At face esteem, it appears like school children and senior residents couldn’t have less to do with each other. In the event that you look sufficiently close, be that as it may, you’ll see some truly unquestionable verification that they’re fundamentally living precisely the same.
    LA-based artist Ian Higginbotham has assembled a couple of funnies that demonstrate the similitudes between youthful understudies and their (considerably) more seasoned partners, and it turns out they go much more profound than historical center ticket rebates. Subsequent to perusing these, you may find that you identify with the old people – or youngins – in your life a tiny bit more.

    Vote in favor of the funnies that whole up your life the most beneath, and impart them to any individual who may profit by another viewpoint on the assumed ‘age crevice.’

    More Info: Ian Higginbotham







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