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    Because we can not explore on our own what is happening around us because we ourselves are very busy with our own daily work and routine so we need some help to know whats going on around us.Newspaper and television do the same work of giving us the information, with the advancement of technology and development of numerous apps we don’t have to depend on TV or on hawker to deliver the newspaper  every morning to read the news which is already 1-day settle.We can learn the latest news anytime anywhere and for that, we don’t have to keep the track of millions of sites, just download any of these 10 apps and install them.

    Hindustan Times: Overall news

    Hindustan times is a wonderful app for the breaking news, the latest headlines in India, sports, Bollywood, photo galleries and videos from around the world .The news here is very authentic unbiased.

    Feedly: Overall news

    Feed your mind with news around the world pretty easily with the most popular news app.It’s an RSS reader.It comes with Facebook, IFTTT, twitter, Evernote, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others.Additionally, you can access your feed on your mobile phone or on your computer with their websites.

    Global one: World news app

    This app will make your eyes happy.This is an android news aggregator app.Gives you world news, finance news, sports news, business news, entertainment and lifestyle news.

    Appy geeks: Technological news

    This is the only tech news aggregator that offers 100% fully licensed content and is available in more than dozen of languages.

    CNBC Business news and finance app

    CNBC is NBC’s flagship financial news app.This gives users access to actional financial information and market data.This app will be beneficial to you if you want to be well updated with the financial news.

    Linkedin Plus: Professional news

    Linkedin plus is a faster way into your professional world.It gives you daily news powered by professional world.Now you can be updated with the professional world much easily with Linkedin Plus.

    National weather service news

    This app will help you find the weather condition much easier.This app gives you current condition, graphical and grid hourly condition, daily weather forecasts, weather evert and much more.

    The score: Sports news

    Well, this app will give you an access to live news coverage.This is an app you need for NFI football, MLB baseball, NBA basketball, soccer leagues and major sports news.

    Live cricket scores cricitch

    If you are a die hard fan of cricket then this app is meant for you.Live cricket scores cricitch is the most comprehensive cricket live score app.

    Zoom: Entertainment news

    It’s an official app by Indian Bollywood TV channel-Zoom.Bollywood hottest entertainment news, videos, movie launches, movie reviews, TV shows, Tele-talk, exclusive interviews, fashion trends all you can learn from this app.

    Now news is available at your fingertips with the help of these apps.So why to wait? just select your interest and let’s get started.Become more informed person easily.

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