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Who doesn’t want Shilpa Shetty’s life?
She is much more than the envious figure that she flaunts at the age of 40. She is one of the promising faces in Bollywood. Other than that, she is a great author too (The Great Indian Diet) and many more things. Time and again, she has proved that she is here to stay.

She loves giving her fans a peek into her glorious life. Recently, she let the world know of her home in Mumbai, Kinara.


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The exotic bungalow made my jaw drop.

Shilpa Shetty talked about her home in the recent interview. This is what she said:

The one thing that I like about Kinara is the view of the vast sea. You wake up looking at it and you go to sleep listening to the splashing sound of the waves at night. What I don’t like about Kinara is that it requires high maintenance. Since it’s a big property, it becomes quite difficult to maintain.

Going to sleep listening to the splashing of waves? I would prefer that any day. Let’s check out her flat.



















Shilpa Shetty, I love your house! ?

Source: The Indus Parent

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Enna Rascala!
That’s the only insult from South India that the rest of India knows. But very few know that South Indians, and especially Tamil people, are the masters of creating new and unique insults to throw in any kind of a situation.

Be it when they’re cut off in traffic, or they’re pranked, or just whatever that irritates them, your Tamil friends will always have the choicest insults ready at hand. And when they translate it for you, try not to laugh in their faces, okay? This video by Rascalas debunks all those times you’ve asked your Tamil friend what their quick-tongued abuse meant.

Mind it!

Jon Snow. (or Jaeherys Targaryen)

The White Wolf.

The King in the North.

The curly-haired former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch has endured his fair share of battles and hardships, and has come a long way. This moving tribute by TheGaroStudios is a homage to the bastard who knew nothing, who grew to be the Lord Snow who earned the trust of the wildlings.

I have tears in my eyes as I’m watching this!

    India is a weird country. I’m sure multitudes of you will agree. Life here is weird. Sometimes it’s so easy that you question your existence, and sometimes it gets so difficult that you question your karma. But it always comes with its fair share of hilarity.
    That’s exactly what Brown Paper Bags have tapped into, and made comics which are so relatable, you won’t stop saying, “Me” in every one. Check them out below.

    1. I don’t even get the logic behind this!

    Ep. 01 – Late Night Shenanigans

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    2. Dad pls!

    Ep. 2 – Appa-rel

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    3. *sigh* School time birthdays were better!

    Ep. 3 – Happy Birthday

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    4. Them double standards, tho!

    Ep. 4 – Exposé

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    5. Have you learnt nothing from Sharma ji’s son?

    Ep. 5 – Follow My Dreams, Son

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    6. Sachiiiiiiiiinnn, Sachin!

    Ep. 6 – Priorities

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    7. That doesn’t even make sense!

    Ep. 7 – Play the Blame Game, Blame the Game Play

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    8. Stupid superstitions!

    Ep. 8 – Blooperstition

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    9. DOGFIGHT!

    Ep. 9 – Stray Hungry, Stray Foolish

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    10. Oh, happy to meet you again, hypocrisy!

    Ep. 10 – Outfit In

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    11. Maid > Girlfriend

    Ep. 11 – Maid 'Fore Each Other

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    12. The news that REALLY matters!

    Ep. 12 – Scoopidity

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    13. Rules? What rules?

    Ep. 13 – Crossroads

    A photo posted by Brown Paperbag Comics (@brownpaperbagcomics) on

    I have literally been in all these situations and can confirm they’re all true!

    All images source: Brown Paper Bags

    The government of India believes in one concrete solution – ban things that create trouble.
    Beef and porn were banned in the country last year and the people collectively lost their shit. If we compare both of these, banning porn made no sense because India is the land of Kamasutra.
    Watch this East India Comedy‘s video in which Atul Khatri gives his hilarious take on this subject. He also reveals some instances from his childhood days when he used to go to the shop to buy porn videos and how fun it was.

    Watch it. Don’t miss.

    Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are dating and their cosy pictures that keep surfacing on the internet are a concrete proof that they just love to be around each other.

    The duo hung out with their friends at Taylor’s $17.75million home in Rhode Island. Tom was seen wearing a T-shirt that had “I heart T.S” message. He also flaunted a temporary tattoo bearing the initials of her name.


    They were celebrating Independence Day weekend with their friends.
    Let’s have a look at those photos:

    1. Look at both of them…so in love!


    2. Can’t get enough of each other?


    3. Taylor’s bikini has “America” written over it!


    4. They look like any couple in love…


    5. And here are their friends…


    6. Taylor happily frolicking on the sand.


    7. Enjoying the waters!


    8. So adorbs!


    9. The way he looks at her!


    10. Oh, and here’s the pregnant and gorgeous Blake Lively.


    11. Oh and the handsome Ryan Reynolds!


    12. And this is Taylor’s beautiful home.


    Isn’t this amazing?

    I am pretty sure everyone had the time of their lives. As for Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, they couldn’t get any cuter!

    Keep rocking, you two! ?

    Source: Daily Mail

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    When we say A.R. Murugadoss, a certain fear grips us. The legendary director of smash hits Ghajini and Holiday, and already a huge name in the South Indian film industry, is back with Akira, a remake of Tamil film Mouna Ghuru.
    The fact that Sonakshi Sinha has been cast in what was supposed to be a male role speaks volumes of how she has matured as an actress. The fight moves and the confidence she shows are above anything I’ve ever seen in a female-oriented power character. Konkona Sen Sharma and Anurag Kashyap are damn interesting characters.

    Watch this gripping trailer released by Fox Star Hindi and be prepared to lift your jaw from the floor when it ends!

    Just cannot wait for this movie already! :O

    The system and the case of Ruby Rai.

    We know what happened when we got to know that Bihar has toppers who don’t even know what they were giving the exams for. Which resulted in them getting arrested for cheating in their exams on such a humungous scale. And we started making fun of them left, right and centre, especially Ruby Rai, who took the exams again and failed. A lot of questions were asked and funny answers made rounds on the internet, but the question that should’ve been asked was how did this even happen? Was taking action on her really the solution?

    This video uploaded by Zero Budget Talkies hits the nail right on its head and opens our eyes to the real problem.

    Kangana Ranaut is killing it in Bollywood. She’s the face of woman-oriented cinema in India right now and she’s just a dream to watch on screen. Therefore, it’s no surprise that thousands of girls in India want to be like Kangana but there are a few who who don’t just want to be like her but actually be Kangana!
    We stumbled upon a very talented young lady, Monica Murthy, clearly a fan of the Queen and she just nails it with her impression of Kangana Ranaut. Every Kangana fan should take a minute and watch this brilliant video of Monica pulling a Kangana because it’s simply impeccably accurate.

    Hope the Queen watches this soon!

    A girl is trapped in a dark cave.
    Her killer is closing in on her, contracted by people very close to her.

    Only YOU can save her.

    This 2-minute suspense thriller by The Short Kuts is a one-woman performance. But when you reach the end, and know who her killers are, and why they’ve given her contract, you will be shocked beyond your senses.

    Don’t miss the voiceover by Om Puri in the end!

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