Hey, I am a girl-If you can’t respect her, better stay away from her. But don’t mess with her.

Hey, I am a girl.

Now here your mentality comes in front of you, when you read the word “girl”. What comes in your mind first. You know it better, so I am not including it. And a salute to those who read it with respect because your mentality creates your personality.
We girls are a important part of your society but still some people dominate us. We don’t want to prove our self that we can do better then men. We want you to know that we are also equal to men. A country, state, city or a society is said to be good, when they both work together. People always come in front of a girl with lots of concern and lessons that how to live in this world. But never tried to know why did this concern comes in our mind only for girls? Why boys are safe not girls. Why people always blame girls? Why always fault is of a girl? Why girls are still struggling for their freedom, respect and safety.
If a girl wore small clothes, she is provoking boys. If she take stand for her rights, not a good daughter, a shameless one.if she is having a friend circle of boys, she is a slut. Plethora of comments are passed on her. A girl life is full of challenges and “if”. And these ” if” are created by us only.
A girl is married to a guy who raped her in a village. Is this a justice to a girl? You sold her soul to a monster so that now legally he ate her everyday.
If a girl is not virgin, then she can’t be your girlfriend or wife. Is that a character certificate of a girl? She slept with a guy whom she trusted. But what’s her fault if he broke her trust ?
Don’t judge a girl by her beauty and clothes. She is having a heart too which our society break into small small pieces and don’t care about it. Look carefully those pieces are hurting her.
Maturity doesn’t come when you start doing big things it comes when you start understanding small small things.
If we will not take any step, then cases will increase day by day. A girl never demand rape, molestation, harassment then why you all serve her with this. She demand respect, she demand freedom, she demand support, she demand her dreams but you all are not giving her only snatching all this.
Don’t make a girl child birth, a curse… its a gift of god. The most beautiful creation, so help her in making her life beautiful.

If you can’t respect her, better stay away from her. But don’t mess with her.

Hey, I am a girl



Darshika Rana
I love content writing and expressing my thoughts in articles. I love reading novels. I am doing B.Tech from biotechnology branch. I love to listen others problem and helping them. My weakness is that I don't care about my meal untill and unless I finish my work. My philosophy of life is MISTAKES INCREASE EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIENCE BRINGS SUCCESS.