We believe that no organisation can function without interns. They are the building blocks of the future (and also the ones who do all the jobs which no one else wants to). We take our internship programme very seriously and some of the best work that has happened in our company has been done by Interns

Getzkick is only extravagant and uttermost online platform whose prominent, first and foremost responsibility is to explore and create worth sharing Indian stories, videos, posters. We are having our excellent and expertise team, who is always busy in collecting and creating the worth noticeable, inspirable, entertaining, and most importantly reality based content to make you people get hypnotized with our magic tricks.
Getzkick is looking for Interns,
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Below some points will describe how you can start work with Getzkick.

Signup with your Email id or Social Id on you have already register in the website and password is missing then please choose forget password.
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After login go to your profile and Click “Add Post” Tab and start the Article writing.If Category is missing as your Interest area please mail us.
Your Article will be save as a draft and will be approved by the Getzkick Team.
All the Interns can start work from Now.
If any query Please contact in mail :”[email protected]”/

Job Details

Internship period is 3 months
Position: Content Writer
Target: Minimum 40 Article/Post/Banners/Videos.
No Stipend only Gift Vouchers
Revenue share on your Article

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