Hey mummy,

How is you? I know you might be angry because of me, papa is not able to face his colleagues in office because of me. Bhai is not sitting in his friend circle because of me. Society is abusing our family because of me. BUT


Being a girl means, I am the cause of all bad things. I always keep my mouth shut, because girls are the recessive part of this society. You always prefer Bhai, never think about my dreams. Boys dreams are meant to be fulfilled and what about girls dream. They are like foolish things done by girls. If girls dares to fulfil her dreams, she is abused by our society. Who the hell give shit to this society. It you, papa and me. If we don’t think about their mentality, then only we can start thinking for ourselves. I can’t forget, when in light of day, my life is pushed in darkness of night. Mummy, I just want to do job, for which I struggle alot, by using bhai’s old books, household works. But I never complained. Every festival is meant for bhai, I just keep myself in corner of room looking at your and papa’s smile which comes when bhai smile.
I cant use car because it was also meant for bhai’s showoff purpose to his friends or for papa’s office work. Neither I can use scooty because it can be needed by bhai for his small works.
Therefore I used to take taxi, but what’s my fault if that taxi driver was looking at me, with his shit eyes. He took a wrong turn, which you think is a girl’s fault. Why should I tell him to rape me, to look my body parts and eat them with fork. He ate my soul mummy… When he was forcing… I swear… I tried to protect my self. But he was more powerful. He didn’t treat me like a girl but like a goat whose meat he was enjoying.
I listened to you when you were crying and saying to papa… ” is ladki ne Hume kahi ka nahirahne Diya”…. Our society says… Girls should not wear small clothes because it provokes boys… But I was in suit salwar.. And the dupatta you used to say is a compulsory cloth for a girl and protects a girl from boys. But it doesn’t help me, it was easily taken by that driver…. But trust me… I didn’t say him to remove… Tell me… I didn’t told him to take a wrong turn, to remove my dupatta, my clothes, scratch my body, take my virginity and then leave me on road to die. What’s my fault… ???

Is being a girl is crime… So this criminal has only few hour left, I am leaving this world.. But please if you do care or love me, please for fight me and never be ashamed on giving a birth to daughter.




Darshika Rana
I love content writing and expressing my thoughts in articles. I love reading novels. I am doing B.Tech from biotechnology branch. I love to listen others problem and helping them. My weakness is that I don't care about my meal untill and unless I finish my work. My philosophy of life is MISTAKES INCREASE EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIENCE BRINGS SUCCESS.