The one straightforward motivation behind why you should depend just on yourself

There is this wonderful idea known as the ’crab bucket theory’. To put it briefly, the crab bucket theory runs as follows: crabs are such primitive animals that, although they could easily escape from a basket one by one, they instinctively claw each other away from their escape route when any single one of them tries to do so. Because they all try to get out of where they are, they pull each other down. For them, pulling down or stepping on others is a fact of their existence. It is natural for them in the quest for success or when confronting failure.

Crab mentality is also part of humanity. It’s simply envy.

Humans envy and try to outdo each other because of selfishness and greed, but not all the time. When one envies somebody, one of his natural reactions is to knock him down, but this does not always happen. Each one of us may envy, yet we do not always pull others down. We usually just keep to ourselves those envious feelings and then let them go away. Crab mentality is a universal attitude happening in every corner of the world.

When someone tries to give up smoking, his friends might say, ’He’ll never manage it,’ at the same time as proffering a cigarette — that’s the crab bucket theory in action. When you get your second university degree, and your work colleagues ask you what you needed that for when you ended up doing the same job as them, that’s it again. When your own parents tell you that your stupid, have no talents, and nothing good will come of you — there you go, the universality of the crab bucket theory has been proved yet again.

This is, sadly, human nature, and there’s nothing you can do about it except for one, very important thing: overcome the walls of the basket and keep crawling forward — even when there are a hundred people trying to pull you back.

Source: Jon E. Royeca