Why College Students And Old People Are Basically The Same Thing

At face esteem, it appears like school children and senior residents couldn’t have less to do with each other. In the event that you look sufficiently close, be that as it may, you’ll see some truly unquestionable verification that they’re fundamentally living precisely the same.
LA-based artist Ian Higginbotham has assembled a couple of funnies that demonstrate the similitudes between youthful understudies and their (considerably) more seasoned partners, and it turns out they go much more profound than historical center ticket rebates. Subsequent to perusing these, you may find that you identify with the old people – or youngins – in your life a tiny bit more.

Vote in favor of the funnies that whole up your life the most beneath, and impart them to any individual who may profit by another viewpoint on the assumed ‘age crevice.’

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