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What's Inside The App

Push Notifications

A handy feature, push notifications allows you to send out offers, new products, notifications and alerts to customers. With push notifications, you can market products from your eCommerce inventory to increase their sales.

Shopping Cart

Use the shopping cart feature to let users purchase multiple items at the same time. The shopping cart feature is designed to be simple to use which can drastically decrease cart abandonment rates for your eCommerce app..

Advanced Search

Create an efficient search bar that helps shoppers find exactly what they are looking for in a single search. Users even get the ability to use advanced filters to make it easier to find the very products they are looking for.

App Analytics

Get detailed analytics for all your products and use the data to create better marketing strategies. App analytics can also be used to understand where your app falls short.

Multiple Store or Outlets?

Connect your Multiple Shops/outlets in One Single App

Why You Need an Ecommerce App

Bring your e commerce website to the mobile platform & m-commerce app maker from Getzkick. You can integrate your current product listing from your website right into your new ecommerce app so that customers can buy and sell from within the app.

1. Rise of Smartphones: Mobile commerce is on its way to become the default way to conduct transactions.

2. Consumer Preference: Consumers prefer shopping through apps.

3. Higher Conversion Rate: With the help of push notifications and more average usage, conversion rates through mobile apps can skyrocket for a business.

4. Personalized Experience: A personalized shopping experience can be created for customers raising your brand’s value and increasing user engagement.

5. Better Customer Loyalty: Users keep only the apps that they like. With the help of a well-designed app.

6. Competitive Advantage: Last but not least, having both an app and a website gives you a significant competitive advantage over your rivals.